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See the stars at SKYE Texas Hill Country Resort

Fredericksburg is a dark sky community

In 2020, Fredericksburg proudly achieved recognition as a Dark Sky Community, reflecting its commitment to preserving the night sky and enhancing quality lighting practices. To earn this prestigious designation, the city met stringent criteria including adopting an advanced lighting code, demonstrating community dedication to reducing light pollution and promoting educational initiatives about dark skies, as well as implementing successful light pollution control measures and establishing a comprehensive sky brightness monitoring program.

The state-of-the-art Dark Sky monitoring equipment is at the heart of Fredericksburg’s initiative, strategically positioned atop the Club House at the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course. Ken Kattner of Putman Mountain Observatory generously donated this cutting-edge setup, showcasing a stellar example of community collaboration. Data collection begins each evening after sunset, with readings taken initially every five minutes, followed by every fifteen minutes, ensuring accurate and consistent data accumulation. These readings are averaged to yield four precise measurements each hour. This valuable data is crucial for ongoing monitoring and research and is accessible for public viewing, demonstrating Fredericksburg’s transparent and educational approach to environmental stewardship.

Our next eclipse is October 2024

So many of our guest enjoyed their stay in Fredericksburg for the April 8th total eclipse. With optimal dark skies, our location is perfect. Book your stay for the next solar event on October 14th, 2024.
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