Exotic Animals & Native Species Abound

At SKYE Texas Hill Country Resort

Our resort in natural surroundings offers many opportunities to view wildlife:

Deer, birds, butterflies, including springtime baby deer & antelope!

Encounters with nature are an exciting feature at our Texas Hill Country resort. Guests staying in either our cabin accommodations or RV park sites, surrounded by hundreds of acres of nature, will find many paths to explore. In season, butterflies flit along the trails and in the open fields.


Local Deer and Exotic Herds

Early risers at the resort will sometimes sight a wild Texan White Tailed deer on the grounds. Or guests can view exotic antelope and deer from a viewing platform overlooking our secure game compound where the animals come to feed. The exotic species are a remnant of the resort’s prior days as a trophy hunting club. In the spring we are often blessed with baby deer or antelope, prancing in the open fields.

Our growing exotic heard includes specimens from all over the world. Take a pleasant walk to our viewing stations for a chance to meet our herd. Ask our staff for ideal viewing times and locations.

  • European Fallow Deer, and Spotted deer the males have huge dramatic moose-like antlers
  • Axis Deer, from South and Southeast Asia. Orange coats with white spots similar to whitetail fawn.
  • Blackbuck Antelope, from India and Nepal. Also known as the Indian Antelope. Older males are black and white, with long spiral horns

Birds and Butterflies in the Texas Hill Country

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